MedNorthwest A Seattle Concierge Medicine Practice
Your Benefits
Friendly Doctors
  • Extended-length, unrushed office visits
  • Same day and next day appointments
  • Easy phone and email access to your doctor
  • Extremely pleasant and courteous office staff
  • Minimal waiting times, practice limited to 400 patients
  • Low monthly fee $180 ($170 for spouses)
  • We accept virtually all insurance
  • Easy to join our practice
  • Absolutely no long-term obligation
  • Twelve years in operation — hundreds of satisfied patients
Knowledgable Staff
Meet Our Staff

Dr. Daniel S. Frank

Since 2002, our innovative primary care internal medicine practice has been providing a superior level of care, service, and personal attention to patients in the Pacific Northwest. People call it “concierge medicine,” but our practice is modestly priced. We offer state-of-the-art, scientifically-based medical care in a setting which is vastly superior to what you generally can expect in the healthcare system today. The practice functions like a co-op. Patients pay a low monthly fee that permits us to keep the practice small and allows us to restore the old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship to modern medicine.

— Daniel S. Frank,MD

How do I Join?

Jamie Wise

Hi, my name is Jamie Wise and I am the practice manager as well a medical assistant. I have been with Dr. Frank for almost five years. Previously, I was at the University of Washington for four years working in Primary Care. One of the reasons I enjoy working in Health Care is because it’s constantly changing and there is always something new to learn. I also love interacting with people and making real connections.

Meet the Rest of the Team

Thank you so much for being a priceless resource for our family this year.

JJ, Seattle

You have provided excellent, comprehensive care for us over the past ten years and we are very grateful. Our thanks to you and your staff and best wishes for the new year.

RP, Seattle

Thank you so much for the sensitive and patient women that staff your office. They are all lovely people.

AL, Seattle

“We would like to thank you for the excellent medical care I received, and also the professionalism and kindness of your office staff. We would be happy to recommend your medical services to our family and friends.”

LP, Seattle

“Dr.________ was a pleasure to work with. Thank you again for your wonderful referral network.”

KL, Seattle

“Your new office looks fantastic. As with everything you seem to embark on, the office is a positive departure from the typical healthcare office of the past. Being able to immerse oneself with the stellar staff immediately upon entry sends a very welcoming and inviting message consistent with the reality over the years.”

DC, Seattle

“Thanks for all the compassion you guys project whenever I visit. You are such a wonderful team!”

BB, Mercer Island

“Thanks again for taking the time and finding an answer for me.”

BL, Queen Anne

“Thank you many times for saving my life.”

JG, Seattle