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For Physicians

For Physicians

Receiving Referrals from us

Are you an outstanding specialist with the type of bedside manner which is right for concierge medicine? We are always interested in developing and improving our referral network. Just give Dan Frank a call (206-292-0700) and let’s talk about how we can work together to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Calling our office

We welcome your calls and strongly encourage you to call the office any time you would like. Calls are generally answered by the second ring and there is no phone tree. It is our standard practice to interrupt clinicians immediately to speak to referral doctors and you should know that your call is a top priority.


If you wish to receive HIPAA compliant email, including copies of records or to communicate with us on any patient-related matter, just contact the office and we’ll set you up with your password. The process is fast and easy.