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The Concierge Medicine Experience

Because our practice size is strictly limited, and because we are not constrained by insurance company requirements, we are able to provide you with much more personal attention and a better health care experience.

Advantages of a smaller practice

Extended length visits

We schedule generous appointment times to ensure that you are not rushed in and out of the office, and that all your questions are answered and concerns addressed. If you leave the office and forget to ask something, just call us.

Flexible appointment scheduling

The schedule is structured so you can usually be seen the same day or the next day after you call. Many of our patients are busy and time-pressured. Cancelling and rescheduling is never a problem. We make our schedule work around your needs, not ours.

Electronic communication

Of course, some medical issues do require a visit to the office, but many concerns can be resolved by talking to your doctor over the phone or communicating via email. The office is here to handle your needs in the most convenient way possible for you.

Minimal waiting times

Of course, on rare occasions emergencies do come up, but most often patients are seen right on schedule with minimal wait times. Our waiting room has the most un-read magazines in the city.

Prompt prescription refills

If you need a medication refilled, contact your pharmacy or call us. Either way, we will authorize your refills the same day, except in certain rare circumstances.

Pleasant, courteous office staff

We maintain extremely high standards of customer service in the office. We treat patients as if they were members of our own family. Never deal with rude or inconsiderate office staff again.

Broad scope of practice

We offer a full range of services in our Seattle concierge medical office, including annual exams, immunizations, contraception, colds and flu, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, thyroid disease, travel medicine, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, chronic insomnia, and other mental health concerns. We take care of arthritis, skin rashes, urinary tract infections, and asthma. Many conditions can be properly managed either by specialists or by concierge physicians. We use whatever approach you prefer. When care from a specialist is needed or desired, we provide coordination and oversight to make sure that the treatment and recommendations you receive from specialists meet our high standards for excellence.

A well-equipped office

We can repair lacerations, drain abscesses, do EKGs, remove earwax, perform skin biopsies, draw your labs, remove cysts, and do a variety of other in-office minor procedures, including joint injections with ultrasound guidance, treatment of warts, removal of lipomas, and so forth. We carry a full assortment of crutches, splints, and braces. We have a dermoscope for examining skin lesions, surgical loupes for meticulous wound repair, electrocautery, a sophisticated electronic medical record system, and a variety of tools and supplies to meet the needs of patients. Although the office is small and personalized, we are prepared to handle many different situations that arise in daily practice.

Focus on wellness

Our concierge practice advocates health promotion, not just the treatment of disease. We address diet, sleep, exercise, mood, and energy along with routine medical problems. We provide guidance on physical activity, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and lifestyle changes. We manage diabetes, hypertension, depression, and high cholesterol with great care and precision, using scientifically validated, research-based methods.

Care when your travel

Our concierge physicians provide a wide range of immunizations needed for traveling. In addition, if you travel extensively, or live part of the year out of the Seattle area, then being able to call the office and speak to your doctor can make a huge difference. We can evaluate your problem, phone in prescriptions anywhere in the United States, and refer you for care locally if needed.

Wide referral network

While our concierge medical practice is independent. We refer patients to other doctors in Seattle. Primarily, we use the staff at Swedish Hospital. We also refer to physicians at the University of Washington, Virginia Mason, Overlake, and elsewhere.

No obligation to remain in the practice and no miscellaneous charges

Patients are free to leave the practice at any time for any reason. You are under no obligation to stay. There are no up front fees, no financial commitments, no pressure. We only want patients who want to be here and who appreciate the premium care and service they receive.  Also, no charge for last minute cancelled or missed appointments. No charge to you for medical records. No charge for administrative forms. No charge for advice on purchasing health insurance. No late fees if you forget to pay your bill. (But if it is habit, we may ask you to leave!)

Other services

Help for a friend or family member

It is not unusual to get a call from a patient about a close friend or family member who is not a patient here but having a health crisis. We’re happy to jump in and get that person to the right physician or medical center.

Also included in your monthly fee

The robust electronic communication support of your ongoing routine exam services to help patients achieve their health goals.

A Concierge Medicine Practice 


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