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Your Own Personal Physician On Retainer

Better time, attention, and availability from your doctor

Our innovative primary care internal medicine practice has some openings still available for new patients. Some call it “concierge medicine,” but our practice is modestly priced. Since 2002, the office has been providing state-of-the-art, scientifically-based medical care in a setting that offers superior personal service and attention. Patients pay a low monthly fee that permits us to keep the practice small and allows us to restore the old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship to modern medicine.

Premium Service at an Affordable Price

A low monthly charge keeps the practice small and personalized

Patients in the practice pay $200 monthly in addition to carrying regular insurance. This small retainer allows you to get the kind of service and attention that everyone wants, but few receive, in the current health care environment

A Far Better Way to Prevent and Treat Disease

Enjoy a vastly superior relationship with your doctor

Perhaps you are fundamentally healthy and want to stay that way, or perhaps you have ongoing medical problems that need to be addressed. In either case, your experience in a retainer-based, premium medical practice is unlike anything in health care today. Having a concierge doctor is not about being pampered, it is a way to receive a superior level of care and attention in highly turbulent and uncertain healthcare industry.


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A Concierge Medicine Practice 


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