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How Do I Join?

Joining the practice is easy

Simply call 206-292-0700 and set up a free, no-obligation, get-acquainted visit with our team. We will show you the office, review your health history, and answer any questions you might have. This visit is an opportunity to decide if the practice is a good mutual fit. If we don’t feel we are an appropriate match for your needs, we can refer you elsewhere. Some patients prefer to inquire about the practice by phone. Our clinicians and the rest of the staff are always happy to speak to prospective (and current!) patients by telephone.

Cost of Concierge Care

If you need an annual exam

If the practice is to your liking and we feel we can meet your needs, we can do an annual exam with blood work, EKG, vaccines, and whatever tests are required at that time.

Seattle Medical Office

If you need to be seen for an acute problem

Simply call the office and schedule an appointment. Many patients come in, have an exam, get labs drawn, and sign up for the practice all in one visit.

Seattle Medical Practice

A Concierge Medicine Practice 


901 Boren Ave #1520
(206) 292-0700