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Patients pay a small monthly fee for services that are not covered by your regular insurance or Medicare. We never collect any money in advance. Patients are billed monthly at the end of the month for services already received, with no obligation to continue. There are no “joining” or “sign up” fees. Patients may cancel at any time for any reason with no advance notice.

Comprehensive Wellness Plan

  • Monthly Charge: $280
  • Second Household Member: $270
  • Kids Under 21: $90 (Children ages 11-20 when a parent is a patient here)

Includes certain services not covered by regular health insurance or Medicare. See our FAQ for details.

Medicare patients pay the same amount, but click on the link to read about how we work with the Medicare program.

We accept most insurance and bill the insurance company on your behalf just like any other physician’s office. Currently, we are signed up with Regence, Premera, Aetna, First Choice, United HealthCare, and others. You are still protected even if we are not on your insurance network because we always accept the insurance company allowed amount as payment in full. If we are in your network, your co-pays and deductibles are the same here are they would be in any regular office. If we are not in your network, we work hard to keep your out-of-pocket costs the same or even lower than they would be if you saw an in-network provider. We endeavor to be contracted with most of the major health insurance plans in the Pacific Northwest.

If you have any questions relating to costs and insurance, please give us a call. This is a very complicated area and we are always happy to answer your questions (or find out the answers ourselves when needed.)

A Concierge Medicine Practice 


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