NZ, Seattle

“A huge thank you for your care and treatment of _____ this morning. We really appreciate how quickly you got us in to be seen and resolved the issue. She was very concerned and scared about the situation and you put her at ease. As I imagined you were professional, courteous, and solved her problem. Fortunately I don’t need to visit your office very often, but this type of interaction is why I choose to continue as a patient in your practice.”

JC, Seattle

“Thank you, picked up the Efudex today from WalMart Pharmacy at the greatly reduced price. Your getting prior authorization saved us a considerable amount. You and the others are a great team working for Dr. Dan!”

JD, Seattle

“Thank you, Dr. Frank. I appreciate you responding while out of the office!”

RB, Seattle

“Thank you so much for following up! Dr. Frank’s treatments have been effective, and I do not believe that an additional appointment will be necessary at this time.”

NA, Bellevue

“Thanks again for pulling strings to get me in for the scan so quickly last night.”

MM, Seattle

“Thank you for such a thorough review Dan. It is so very helpful to work through these issues with you.”

AS, Seattle

“My sister got my meds!!!!!! Thank you, you’re an angel!!”

MW, Seattle

“Thanks for your professional service.  Always good to see you and the entire office staff.”

IM, Seattle

“Thanks again for taking the time to meet with me this morning. I know I can be difficult but I really appreciate all your help and patience. Plus, as I’m sure you know, you have an amazing team.”

AD, Seattle

“Thanks for all you do for myself and family.”

BK, Seattle

“Thank you to you and your wonderful staff for all that you do!”

DS, Seattle

“Thank you each and everyone for treating me when I was feeling lost and at the end of the abyss.”

KM, Mercer Island

“I just wanted to thank you for always informing me of these results so quickly. I have not yet received them from S______ and would have been waiting all this time.”

BP, Seattle

“MedNorthwest is something else to me. I don’t know what I would do without all of you.”

RM, Seattle

“Thanks again for all that you and your team do for me.”

MR, Seattle

“Thank you sir. I really like you and the members of your practice. As much as I don’t like dealing with the health issues, I feel absolutely comfortable and safe putting my health in your hands.”

AP, Seattle

“I appreciate your support preparing for our vacation and the quick turn around on the labs. It is awesome to have a doctor that is so responsive.”

AW, Seattle

“It’s been an awesome few years, and I hope you guys keep doing great work!”

NC, Seattle

“I want to thank you for your care, expertise, and friendship. To have you as my physician is truly a very gratifying thing.”

GI, Seattle

“Really appreciate your candid thoughts and expertise.”

EB, Seattle

“Thanks again for taking such good care of us!”

MK, Seattle

“Thank you so much for the quick response. I pulled into my house, opened my emails on my phone, and read the good news. The fast feedback after test results is much appreciated and impressive. I look forward to meeting with you next Thursday.”

SR, Seattle

“I felt it was important to let you know how effective and professional your staff was in getting my recent MRI delivered to Dr. _____, and to securing me a much earlier May 20th date rather than the June 3rd date that was made available to me through the scheduling department at Dr._____’s office.”

PS, Seattle

“Thank you so much for your time today. You got me through a bump in the road. I respect and appreciate all of your efforts for everything.”

GD, Seattle

“Just a quick note of thanks. Today was a great example of why what you do is so important. It’s wonderful to be able to call you, come in, and get to the bottom of a problem so quickly. You are appreciated!”

LC, Seattle

“Thank you for the years of great care. I have truly valued our relationship and the medical care I received while in the practice.”

NR, Seattle

“I am glad we communicate so well. You are the perfect doctor for me.”

PI, Seattle

“I appreciate your work a lot! Great talk today.”

KQ, Seattle

“Each time I see you I know in my core how lucky I am to have such a caring doctor. I appreciate the time you spend with me, your knowledge, your detailed explanations, and I always know you have my best interests at heart.”

GD, Seattle

“Can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am. You really helped me.”

CS, Seattle

“Thank you so much Dan! I am feeling better already, that was a good surgery.”

KM, Seattle

“Thanks for getting me right in. I appreciate you and your staff!”

GD, Seattle

“Can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am. You really helped me.”

LD, Seattle

“Your office staff continues to be great, please pass on our kudos to them.”

MD, Seattle

“Your visit and this report have made my day. Thank you so much for just everything.”

MJ, Seattle

“I’m also grateful for you and your thoughtfulness. _____, after her physical, couldn’t be happier with you and your clinic. You’re the best and we’re thrilled to be a part of your practice.
Thanks Dan.”

GM, Seattle

“I’m grateful to be your patient, Dan. Thank you for your skill.”

CB, Mercer Island

“I wanted to write and thank you for the first-class care that you have provided me over the years. Your ongoing care and referrals to top specialists have made all the difference in my health and livelihood.”

XD, Seattle

“Thank you so much for the sensitive and patient women that staff your office. They are all lovely people.”

AS, Seattle

“Thanks for your help today. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

ZF, Seattle

“Thank you so much for being a priceless resource for our family this year.”

VA, Seattle

“You have provided excellent comprehensive care for us over the past 10 years, and we are very grateful.”

LH, Seattle

“Thank you for your prompt reply as always. I love your great service/advice.”

MA, Seattle

“Thank you for all of your care during this difficult period. I am definitely doing much better.”

CZ, Seattle

“Thanks again for being a fabulous clinician. It’s a privilege to be a part of your practice. I’m very fortunate.”

RL, Seattle

“We are grateful to be in your medical practice.”

KK, Mercer Island

“I had not planned all these mishaps for this particular visit, and I am very grateful for all of you help and support.”

KT, Seattle

“Thank you Dr. Frank. Your practice is amazing!!!”

TV, Seattle

“Thank you so much. I appreciate the care you and your staff display for our well being.”

UK, Seattle

“I really appreciate you seeing me on such short notice. As a business owner, I must say you have built a wonderful practice doctor.”

JT, Seattle

“Thank you for your great treatment and the professional service of your staff.”

NT, Seattle

“Always good to chat with you. Glad you are my doctor.”

MW, Mercer Island

“Words cannot describe my gratitude for your help and assistance in facilitating my care. My family and I are forever grateful.”

ST, Seattle

“Thank you for the quick response. We are really blessed to have your expertise at our finger tips no matter where we are.”


WK, Seattle

“I’m a real believer in your approach and have benefited greatly from being a patient of yours.”

LK, Seattle

“Just want to let you know how much we appreciate your caring and prompt attention in diagnosing and attending to my problem with the cyst surgery. Your staff is definitely top rated. Jamie, Melia, and Marina are very skilled, warm, professional and an asset to you your medical practice. My condition is much improved and I am very happy and grateful that you are my primary doctor.”

SD, Seattle

“Thanks again! You and your team rock!”

KS, Seattle

“Thank you for your prompt response to my ankle condition. I want you to know I’m truly grateful for it and all the assistance he was given me over the years in many different aspects of my life. I hope you and your staff have a wonderful holiday.”

KW, Bellevue

“Thanks again for solving the coughing mystery. If you ever need a case study…or want press on why concierge medicine is the cure for complex, screwed up cases/patients…I’m happy to help evangelize concierge medicine and the superiority of your personal approach.”

MN, Seattle

“I enjoyed our discussion today on all fronts. You operate a great concierge medical service.”