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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We take just about anything! We are signed up on most of the major insurance plans, including Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, United HealthCare, First Choice Health Network, and Aetna. But it really makes little difference if we are on your plan or not. We always bill insurance for you for covered services and we accept their allowed amount as payment in full. You have the same co-pays and deductibles that you would have in any other office. If we are not on your plan, we work diligently to get paid by insurance and we make every effort to keep your out-of-pocket costs about the same as they would be if you saw an “in-network” provider. The key difference is that you pay the extra monthly fee to us for the premium, non-covered services. Please note our special information for Medicare patients.

Why are there no up front costs to join?

The practice never collects money in advance of services provided. We bill for our premium services at the end of each month that you have been a member of the practice. We want every patient in the practice to be happy and satisfied with the attention and service provided. There is never any long-term obligation to remain under our care.

Is advance notice required to cancel services?

No advance notice is required. Some practices require 30-day advance notice prior to canceling. It is hard to see how this would ever be of any benefit to patients. You may leave at any time for any reason with no advance notice.

Aren't you worried that some patients will over utilize these services?

Patients in the practice are sensitive to the fact that the office is a shared resource. So far, virtually all of our patients have made reasonable use of these services. In the rare circumstance where a patient has particularly high needs, we can work out a customized plan or refer them elsewhere. It has not happened yet.

What kind of patients have joined the practice?

We have a variety of people in the practice. Some are in their 30’s, relatively healthy, but very busy with work and family obligations. They require better service than they are able to receive in a traditional office or clinic. Others are of Medicare age and have highly complex medical problems. Some patients are very health-conscious. They read medical information on the internet or elsewhere and want to be able to discuss it with their physician in an unhurried fashion. Some patients have relatively straightforward problems but never seem to find a doctor who will listen to them. You can see information about our patient demographics here.

How is after hours care handled?

Dr. Frank shares an after-hours calls with a group of six other internists who are able to provide backup coverage. Dr. Frank was an emergency physician at Swedish on First Hill for 11 years and maintains an excellent relationship with the staff there. Any patient presenting for emergency care will be well-looked after. Should hospitalization be needed, we will follow you in the hospital along with a team of hospital-based specialists who work at the various Swedish campuses. You will not lack attention, that is certain, but we try to keep patients out of the hospital and care for them in the office whenever possible.

What is the next step if I wish to join the practice?
Simply call 206-292-0700 and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation get-acquainted visit. Come and see the office, meet Dr. Frank and the rest of our staff, discuss your health history and your specific needs with Dr. Frank, and then we can jointly determine if our services would be a good match for you.

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