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Information for Medicare Patients

We are delighted to have Medicare patients in our practice

Medicare patients are welcome in our practice. If you are on Medicare, you pay the same monthly fee as everyone else. In most respects, Medicare works here just like it does in any other office. Medicare will cover all the appropriate tests and x-rays we order. It will pay for specialist referrals and hospitalizations. The only difference is that we are currently not billing Medicare for your office visits here. Instead, we just charge a flat fee of $50 per visit, regardless of the length or complexity. Sometimes we can bill your secondary insurance and bypass the Medicare system. For most Medicare patients, the cost difference is not significant, but avoiding the Medicare billing–just for office visits–is administratively much simpler for us. Medicare has a special, formalized process which regulates private contracts between patients and their doctors. If you are covered by Medicare and are interested in joining the practice, we strongly recommend you come in early, when you are not “in crisis” so that we can complete the necessary paperwork. It is very simple and gets you safely in our system.